Meet the Gals


Heather is an old soul, raised on black and white films, classic crooners, and ballroom dance. Her love for vintage culture blended flawlessly into her study of herbalism and tarot. The founder of Tea and Tarot was inspired by several strong woman in her family, including her Aunt Rosemary, who is a psychic and encouraged her to explore her own intuitive powers. Through intense study, Heather centered on tarot as her means to help others discover the meaning to their innermost issues and concerns. Heather pairs her passion for tarot with her equal interest, herbalism. The holistic benefits of herbs and essential oils has been known for centuries and Heather has been a fastidious student of their applications. Heather has a background in video production and digital marketing which she love incorporating into her passion for tarot. When she is not busy doing readings and making various tinctures, oils, and blends, she is most likely watching old movies, going to the theater or sneaking off to the beach. She also enjoys spending as much time as she can with her loving family, beloved kittens and her supportive girlfriend.


Samantha is a kindred spirit; my fellow herbal enthusiast and tarot reader, she is always down for an adventure! Stay tuned for articles and anecdotes from this amazing woman!


Samantha has been raised in the traditions of old world healing and recognition of the Earth’s powers.  Her parents are first-generation American from the now Czech Republic and the Ukraine respectively.  Her mother is an intuitive tarot reader who offered much helpful advice and insight through the use of the cards in raising her two siblings and her.  Teas, salves, and candles were standard interventions growing up.  Samantha was also instilled with a deep love of science and education.  She is currently learning how to blend her beliefs in herbs and tarot with her professional career as a registered nurse studying for her doctorate in psychiatric nurse practice.  She champions for the holistic approach and believes fully in the power of introspection and self-care.  Sam loves reading, hiking, eating out, and learning all about new people and hobbies.  Feel free to contact her at